Mekong Wagtail at Yok Don HQ

Mekong Wagtail at Yok Don HQ 
Mekong Wagtail at Yok Don HQ    
During a visit to Yok Don National Park in June I came across a Mekong Wagtail perched on a bridge construction site close to the park headquarters. The Mekong Wagtail was described in 2001 from the lower Mekong basin in Cambodia but was subsequently discovered in the off-limits western section of Yok Don bordering Cambodia during survey work by BirdLife in Indochina. This may well be the first record of Mekong Wagtail from an accessible site in Vietnam.

The small, rocky islets in the Srepok River at the park headquarters are reminiscent of those at the wagtail’s best-known site in the Mekong near Kratie and would provide suitable habitat for Mekong Wagtail.

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